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From: Sherm Mason

The New Secret Pays

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you want to Advertise Free, "Forever" and more FREE traffic, starting in under 3 minutes, then this is exactly what you've been waiting for.

Welcome to the Only program on the net where we've taken what was seen on ...

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People made Tens of Thousands, even Millions, and is why the process was seen on National TV. There was just one problem, it was illegal. In fact, they could not stop it until they deemed it illegal through more and more TV exposure.

We've taken what was completely legal about the process, and added tremendous Legal value.

We've created your own Lifetime Viral Advertising Machine (similar to chain letters mentioned above), that delivers Exponential Traffic to your primary business, sends Solo Ads to hungry buyers, and we've even added TWO additional Traffic Getting and Monetising Features, that can catapult your earnings potential through the roof.

It's all done via a vehicle one hundred times more powerful than TV exposure. You ask for miracles, we give you The Internet.

This breakthrough technonogy has nothing to do with surfing traffic exchanges or any other obsolete traffic sources. This revolutionary technology:

3 Things

Introducing Advertise Free Forever, the LAST advertising and traffic source you'll ever need...


Advertise Free Forever delivers REAL Targeted Traffic. You can advertise your business(es) for FREE and FOREVER. And, you don't need to have any special skills or experience, or even know ANYTHING about traffic to use it.

It will work flawlessly, around the clock, for you even if:

  • you have NO marketing experience
  • you have NO tech skills
  • nothing else you've tried has worked

And the coolest part is you don't have to change what you already do...just make 1 small step that takes less than 3 minutes, and you'll be starting up your viral traffic machine!

And let me assure you, this is easy, it's quick, and it's REAL...

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with:

  • bogus 1-click submitter software
  • tedious and time consuming SEO
  • video gimmicks software that don't deliver
  • Google Adwords or PPC
  • Facebook, Twitter or any Web 2.0
  • safelists, classified ads, surfing traffic exchanges, or any other obsolete traffic sources

The secret is in the technology. You just make 1 small change that takes less than 3 minutes, and you start generating traffic just doing what you ALREADY do!

It's super effective because you don't need to learn anything new, change your marketing at all, or do any research to make it work.

It's 3 simple steps:

3 Steps

How awesome is that? In 3 simple steps that take less than 3 minutes, you can start generating viral traffic that GROWS bigger the more you use it!

Check out this video to see this awesome technology in action:


When you compare Advertise Free Forever to other traffic options, it's NO contest. Advertise Free Forever blows them all out of the water. Here are the most common ways people try to get traffic now...

  • Most 1-click submitter software gimmicks cost $97 - $197 and they don't even work!
  • SEO can take months and cost $1,000s on outsourced articles
  • Adwords and PPC can drain you for $100+ the 1st DAY alone
  • Facebook cost you money and is being overrun by competition
  • safelists, classifieds, traditional traffic exchanges methods just waste your time with no real traffic

All the old ways to get traffic either cost too much, take too much time, or just plain don't work. Now take a look at how you get traffic with Advertise Free Forever...

With Advertise Free Forever:

  • You Do NOT have to trade time or manual effort for traffic
  • You Do NOT have to install anything on your computer
  • You Do NOT have to paste tedious HTML code on your webpages
  • You Do NOT need to know anything about programming
  • You Do NOT have to get slammed with ads to use it
  • You Do NOT have to change what you already do to benefit

  • And Now, An Extraordinary Opportunity in FREE Advertising and Traffic . .

  • You CAN get started in just minutes and get REAL traffic the 1st day
  • You CAN exploit traffic exchanges - Multiplying the POWER by, 100 Fold
  • You WILL increase your traffic and advertising, guaranteed
  • You WILL boost your conversion rate and generate more signups and sales
  • It WILL work for you regardless of what niche you're in
  • You WILL reach targeted prospects in YOUR specific niche
  • It IS 100% legal, 100% ethical, and 100% "above board"
  • You WILL be reaching REAL prospects who want to buy your offers
  • The traffic and advertising you gain will INCREASE the longer you use it

"This Works!!! Advertise FREE Forever is Exactly what us newbies need. I used to surf until my head was about to explode, and for what, junk traffic?"

"This is what us newbies and the Internet has been waiting for!! I spent most of my hours trying to find a simple system, that is user friendly to me as a newbie. This system showed me how to use junk traffic from traffic exchanges and turn it into gold. I'm in a place of unbridled joy:). I am, not only having succes for the first time but, actually having "great" success and it's really so easy."

Sherry Wilson

And Unlike ANY Other Promo Method,
It Gets BIGGER the More You Use It!

You've seen how you can generate a ton of traffic just by using Advertise Free Forever yourself. But here's where it goes off the charts...

You earn BONUS TRAFFIC on every referral you send to Advertise Free Forever too! As you refer others to Advertise Free Forever and they use it to generate traffic, YOU get bonus viral traffic FOR LIFE on all their traffic!


For example, if the traffic you generate for yourself gets you 500 visitors, by referring just 10 other members who all do the same will net you a whopping 3,000 visitors with NO extra work! And you get the viral traffic EVERY MONTH, forever!


So your ads get viewed over 3,000 times per month with only 10 referrals! And there's no limit to the number of referrals you can make or traffic you can earn! (In fact, you can even earn traffic on more levels beyond your own referrals--details inside!)

"...Advertise Free Forever appears to be the easiest and most effective ads and traffic system that I have ever seen."

"I have been studying traffic generators for about 3 years, and this super traffic generator hands down, appears to be the easiest, and most effective that I have ever seen. It's not just free advertising forever, it's free advertising that actually "WORKS", Forever."

Jack Peyton

And we're still not done. This feature will absolutely blow you away...

Check out this additional KILLER FEATURE...SOLO Emails!


I'm sure you know the power of sending solo emails--marketers have used solo emails for years to rake in cash just by clicking "Send." Some marketers claim they can earn over $10,000 from a single email they send!

With Advertise Free Forever, you can send a solo email every week. Promote products, make offers, recruit affiliates, start JV partnerships, or whatever else you like. Imagine reaching 1,000s of targeted members EVERY WEEK! This will really take your marketing and your profits to a whole new level.

Let's review all of your features and benefits:


For cutting edge technology like this, with all of the benefits you get, it would easily be worth $297 for access. But we don't want ANYTHING standing in the way of you experiencing the amazing traffic power of this technology.

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There are even MORE benefits and advanced features, but you can explore that on the inside. I can tell you that what you've seen so far is just the beginning (HINT: get ready for SMART REWARDS technology and GEOMETRIC VIRAL GROWTH to absolutely EXPLODE your traffic and advertising...)

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"I have to say that Advertise Free Forever is an ourstanding, super good, tool to use to build your OWN list and create sales."

"I have to say that this is a very good tool to use to build a list and create sales. What I like best about it, is that the ad opens up like magic in the top right corner of the page and it is not annoying like those scroll ads that follow you down the page. Then, it disappears like magic. My click throughs have been amazing."

Kristy C.

It's Redemption Time. I truely believe this will work for you.

To Your Good Fortune,

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Sherm Mason
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The New Secret Pays

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